executive assistant

Tammy has been with Renaissance Church since its inception. Prior to that, she worked in youth ministry with Pastor Jason at a small, start-up church in High Point. Over the years, she has shared her talents with multiple ministries at Renaissance Church including leading a Small Group, counseling with the Care Team, and supporting the youth group. 

Tammy lives with her family in Lexington. She has four wonderful children – Zachary, Jared, Abbagail, and Joshua – and is happily married to Thomas McCann. Growing up in North Carolina, Tammy attended Lexington Senior High School. She went on to graduate from High Point University with a BA in Elementary Education. For a time she worked as a certified clinical hemodialysis technician, but she is now an Executive Assistant and indispensable part of the RENchurch staff. Tammy completed her study program with the Triad Fellowship and has been ordained as a reverend.

Although Tammy accepted Christ at a young age, it was when she experienced a healing of epilepsy around age six that her faith in the Lord truly began to grow and blossom. She has a passion for others and wants to see them pursue their purpose and reach the potential God has for their lives. As a member of the Triad Fellowship, Tammy has completed her study program and has been ordained as a reverend. Tammy’s prayer is “Lord, may I let myself be used by You and may I draw myself nearer to you.”