Mighty Men

Men, connect with other guys for fun, community, and growth

Men, it’s time to get connected. Our Mighty Men group is the perfect way to find a group of guys to hang out, grow and serve with other guys like you.

Join Mighty Men and Find a Family

Men are often said to be better at fixing things than talking about their feelings. But the truth is that all men need a supportive group of friends to rely on – especially when life gets tough. Recent studies have shown that men’s friend circles are decreasing. That’s where our Mighty Men ministry comes in. We’re a group of guys who get together to hang out, talk about life, and just be there for one another.

Whether it’s getting together with friends to grill in the backyard, working on cars, or play some sports, we’re always looking for ways to connect with other guys. And we’re always ready to lend a hand – whether it’s dealing with the challenges of fatherhood or coming together to serve others in the community.

So if you’re looking for a group of men to really connect with, come check us out. We’d love to have you as part of the Mighty Men.


Upcoming Mighty Men Events

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About Renaissance Church

Renaissance Church was founded in High Point in 2008 by lead pastor Jason Goins. From the beginning, community outreach and assisting those in need has been a priority for the church, which operated a weekly food bank starting in 2010. In 2015, the church moved to Jamestown, but its commitment to serving the community remains strong. The church is passionate about sharing the love of God with those around them, and its weekly food pantry is just one way it does that. Beginning in 2021, Renaissance Church launched CityServe Triad, a partner with CityServe – and international organizations that empowers local churches to serve their communities with free clothing, home goods and more. CityServe Triad serves as a hub to service churches across the region. Renaissance Church meets Sunday mornings at 10am at 5114 Harvey Road in Jamestown where everyone is welcome to encounter God in a relaxed, safe, and genuine worship experience.