We think Sunday should be your kid's favorite day of the week

At our kids ministry, we believe that kids should have fun while they learn about God. That’s why we’ve designed our program to be engaging and entertaining. From stories to songs to games, we’ve got plenty of activities that will keep your kids coming back for more. And best of all, they’ll be learning about God the whole time. So if you’re looking for a kids ministry that your kids will love, look no further. We guarantee they’ll be asking, “Is it Sunday yet?” before you know it.

GLOWkids - A place for kids to encounter God on their level

We believe that God has a unique purpose for every child and that we all begin life with dreams of living out that purpose. Our goal is to provide a place of safety where dreams can be realized and nurtured, and foster an atmosphere of fun and excitement where children are immersed in the truth that they are a vital part of God’s big picture.


If this Sunday is your first opportunity to visit GlowKids, or you’ve only attend a few times, we sincerely hope you will find GlowKids ministry to be a loving and fun-filled environment where your children will be introduced to Jesus on their level!

When you arrive our GlowKids guest services team will greet you and help you check your child/children into our system.  This system helps make sure your kids stay safe and only designated people can pick them up after service. Kids will receive a name tag and parents will receive a security tag. 


Parents will be able to check out their students and children at their specific ministry environment using the security tag they receive at check in. Please state the name of your child and give this tag to the room leader upon check out. Your child will then be allowed to leave with you.